Published in J Vasc Res (2003)

Inflamed muscle

Extravasating neutrophils in the cremaster muscle captured by reflected light oblique transillumination microscopy

Published in Nature (2004)

Migrating T Cells

Naïve CD8+ T cells (green) surveying a lymph node for antigen


DC scanning

Naïve CD4+ T cells (red) scanning the surface of dendritic cells expressing GFP-tagged MHC II molecules (green)

Published in Immunity (2009)

Antigen highways

Lymph-borne small (red) and large (green) antigens enter the lymph node and bind to antigen-specific B cells (blue)

Published in Immunity (2006)

Cytotoxic killing

Primed CTL (green) contact and lyse target B cells (purple) in a lymph node

Published in Immunity (2006)

Clean-up crew

Lymph node phagocytes accumulate B cell debris following the kill, while the sharks are still circling…

Published in Immunity (2006)

'Paralyzed' killers

Under the influence of Treg cells, CTL (green) fail to lyse their B cell targets

Published in Immunity (2006)

No touch paralysis

Treg cells (red) 'paralyze' CTL (green) without making direct contacts

Published in J Clin Inv (2014)


CTL (green) and Treg cells (red) infiltrate a solid tumor (blue nuclei)

Published in Immunity (2013)

Signal memory

NFAT (green) accumulates in the nucleus (red) in tumor-infiltrating CTL and transiently persists following each short-lived antigen encounter in a solid tumor



Upon laser injury (center of image) microglia (green) deploy their processes to insulate the damaged tissue

Published in Neuro Oncol (2016)

A healthy meal

Tumor-associated macrophages (green) accumulate vesicles and debris released from glioblastoma cells (red)

Published in Nature (2012)

HIV makes sticky

Infected (green) but not uninfected (red) CD4+ T cells elongate due to HIV Env-mediated adhesion and syncytia formation.

Published in Cancer Cell (2012)

Cancer motility

myf5+ cells zebrafish rhabdomyosarcoma cells (green) are sessile while myogenin+ cells (red) are highly migratory

Published in Cell (2012a)

Self-antigen love

CD4+ Treg (top) but not Tconv cells (bottom) recognize antigen in tumor tissue

Published in Cell (2021b)

Survival niches

CXCR6-expressing CTL (red) interact with IL-15-trans-presenting DC (yellow) in perivascular immune niches of the tumor stroma